Welcome to Enchanted! (Kind of like the forest, but cooler...)  where we can get lost in all things faith, fashion, beauty, music, mental wellness and creativity. This is my life brought to the world. This all began with me making press-on nails because my friends said I already purchase them from Walgreens too much. They suggested I should create my own...So I did. Eventually I thought, why just stop at nails? I am a recording artist and entrepreneur that is eager to succeed but mostly, help people like me understand themselves in a magical world that makes sense. I am a Christian woman who is dressed up and down in my beautiful imperfections, while working on bettering myself daily. My goal in this life is to help others discover how to react to life in a beautiful way. Sh** happens! However, their is power in knowing how to thrive! Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is what thriving looks like.